24: Redemption (2008)

Establish 18 months where Period 6 of ’24’ ended, previous federal government representative Jack Bauer remains in a self-imposed expatriation in the make believe African nation of Sangala where he wants to get away from a UNITED STATE examination of him for his previous techniques, as well as to range from his past. Bauer operates at an objective college for orphaned youngsters run by his buddy Carl Benton. The nation goes to the grace of a rogue warlord basic called Juma that is outlining a successful stroke to topple the federal government as well as his right-hand male Colonel Dubaku, is kidnaping orphan children as well as by force hiring them right into Juma’s military. Bauer as well as Benton need to interact to conserve the loads approximately children as well as attempt to obtain them abroad prior to Juma takes control of. In Washington D.C., it is Launch Day where the outbound Head of state Noah Daniels is handing over the presidency to the very first women head of state Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones). Becoming aware of the stroke of genius, Daniels intends to leave the nation prior to it is up to the rogue basic, while …

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