Showing Category: Mystery

The Disappeared (2018)

The body of Yoon Seol Hee goes away at the National Institute of Scientific Examination. Investigator Woo Joong Shik looks for ideas on her loss, while her other half Park Jin Han asserts she lives.

Abnormality (2016)

The frightening tale of a family members that experienced the largest demonic belongings after relocating right into a residence pestered by harmful spirits.

High Anxiousness (1977)

Dr. Richard Thorndyke shows up as brand-new manager of the Psychoneurotic Institute for the Really, EXTREMELY Worried to uncover some questionable goings-on. When he’s mounted for murder, Dr. Thorndyke need to challenge his very own psychological problem, “high anxiousness,” in order to remove his name. A tribute to the movies […]

Thirteen Ladies (1932)

Thirteen females that were classmates send out to a swami for their horoscopes. Bit do they understand that Ursula, a half-breed Eastern, is utilizing her hypnotic powers over the swami and also them to lead them or their family members to their fatalities. It appears that she also mosted likely […]

Last Trip (2019)

2 hooligans on the run experience an old deserted spacecraf in the desert. In the eleventh hour they leave their pursuers right into room and also triggered looking for a brand-new residence. An increasing number of, nevertheless, they are attracted right into essentially various instructions. While Adem uncovers the ship’s […]

Kids of the Sea (2019)

Ruka is a girl whose moms and dads are divided as well as whose papa operates in a fish tank. When 2 kids, Umi as well as Sora, that were increased in the sea by dugongs, are offered the fish tank, Ruka really feels attracted to them as well as […]

Bon trip (2003)

At the beginning of The second world war, the destiny of the totally free globe hangs in the equilibrium at the opulent Resort Splendide in Bordeaux. Closet participants, reporters, physicists, and also spies of all persuasions collect in order to run away the Nazi profession of Paris. Upper class socialites […]

Rebecca (2020)

After a speedy love in Monte Carlo with good-looking widower Proverb de Winter season (Armie Hammer), a recently wed girl (Lily James) comes to Manderley, her brand-new partner’s enforcing family members estate on a windy English coastline. Unskilled and also ignorant, she starts to resolve right into the features of […]

Not My Life (2006)

After a vehicle crash, a female with an apparently excellent life starts to have visions that recommend she is not that she believes she is.

Ruby Cobra vs the White Fox (2015)

Based upon 2 wonderful pendants, both Tarjella and also Ruby discover exactly how envy and also a wicked curse can harm the lives of household. The mobster team and also Rhonda get on the look for the white fox. Investigative Parks and also Representative Holly McCall are checking out these […]