Showing Category: Mystery

Mirage (1965)

Strolling down twenty-seven trips of stairways after the power heads out in the New york city City office complex he remains in, David Stillwell arises outdoors on the ground degree to discover that a male he really did not recognize either was or leapt pressed out a home window to […]

The Understanding (2018)

Achieved storyteller Richard Sykes has a hard time ahead up with a principle for a brand-new publication while attempting to fix his distressed marital relationship to Haley. While doing so, he seeks coworkers and also close friends to help him in conquering his individual satanic forces that might offer to […]

The Test (1962)

Josef K gets up in the early morning and also discovers the cops in his space. They inform him that he gets on test yet no one informs him what he is charged of. In order to learn about the factor of this allegation and also to oppose his virtue, […]

The Return of Martin Guerre (1982)

Throughout the center of the 16 th century, Martin Guerre goes back to his town in southwestern France, after being away in the battle for nearly a years. The citizens that recognized him as a boy presume he is not Martin, however he appears to understand everything about his good […]

Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014)

An ex lover police officer and also his ex lover companion determine to act on examination of a collection of murders that finished their occupations and also reproached them, when similar murders start once more.

Trespasser (2020)

Seo-Jin is a preferred designer. When his more youthful sis Yoo-Jin went missing out on, he endures from an injury. 25 years after her loss, Yoo-Jin returns to her family members. Seo-Jin really feels something is wrong with Yoo-Jin.