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Atlantis (2019)

A soldier struggling with PTSD befriends a young volunteer intending to recover tranquil power to a war-torn culture.

Brain (2021)

A guinea pig at a memory transfer laboratory dedicates a criminal activity he can not keep in mind

Killers’ Row (1966)

The good-looking leading representative Matt passes away an unfortunate fatality in his tub – the ladies grieve regarding the loss. It’s simply fabricated for his most current top-secret goal: He will locate Dr. Solaris, developer of the Helium laser light beam, effective sufficient to ruin an entire continent. It appears […]

Ape vs. Beast (2021)

An ape, shed precede, crash-lands back to Planet. The vessel exudes a sludge that sets off enormous development in both the ape, in addition to a passing Gila beast. When the animals get to titanic dimension, their courses go across once again, bring about a gigantic quarrel in which Humanity […]

Mamaboy (2016)

A secondary school pupil have to conceal the truth that he has actually conceived from his household, good friends and also the institution professors!

96 Spirits (2016)

A college study researcher, ready to shed financing as well as condition, has a laboratory crash as well as finds he can see individuals’s real objectives– making his circumstance also worse.

Twice-Told Stories (1963)

3 scary tales based upon the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne. In the very first tale labelled “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment”, Heidegger tries to recover the young people of himself, his bride-to-be and also his buddy. In “Rappaccini’s Child”, Vincent Rate plays a berserk dad inoculating his child with toxin so she […]

Phantoms (1998)

Individuals have actually disappeared in a tiny ski hotel town snuggled in the Rocky Hills. 2 sis think it to be the job of a serial awesome free in the area yet there is no blood near the corps, no indication of battle n just how can a solitary serial […]

Expiration (2021)

Jamie and also Sofia Cooper’s marital relationship gets on the rocks, when they get up one early morning to discover they can no more touch. Exactly how will they conserve their union?

Dead Again (2021)

In country town where criminal activity is non current, a cops sergeant is retiring out of dullness. He is sent out a young hire fresh out of authorities college. On the sergeant’s last day and also the brand-new employees very first day all heck will break out in this apocalyptic […]