CDC Supervisor Dr. Robert R. Redfield and also HHS Principal Info Police Officer Jose Arrieta Feedbacks on HHS Protect

On Wednesday, July 15, CDC Supervisor Robert Redfield and also HHS Principal Info Police officer Jose Arrieta gave an upgrade for participants of the media on HHS initiatives to collect and also distribute real-time medical facility information on COVID-19 Below are their declarations as gotten ready for distribution.

[Director Redfield]

Thanks every person for joining us today for an upgrade on exactly how we are functioning to accumulate, arrange, and also utilize real-time information for our battle versus COVID-19 We at CDC recognize that the lifeline of public health and wellness is information. Accumulating and also distributing that information as swiftly as feasible is our leading concern, and also the factor for the plan adjustment we’re going over today.

As much of you recognize, CDC runs a system called the National Wellness Security Network. This is an essential monitoring system in our country’s health centers, which concentrates on battling antibiotic resistance.

In April, HHS leaders, with input from CDC, produced a brand-new system, called HHS Protect, that enables us to integrate information with systems like NHSN, in addition to various other public and also exclusive resources. The information reported from health centers that entered into HHS Shield either came with the NHSN, straight to HHS Shield from the states, or with a system called TeleTracking.

What we have actually currently asked is that, moving forward, states offer information from health centers straight with the TeleTracking system or straight to the HHS Shield system.

Initially, this decreases the reporting concern– it decreases complication and also replication of coverage. Improving reporting allows us to disperse limited sources utilizing the most effective feasible information.

TeleTracking likewise offers fast means to upgrade the sort of information we are accumulating– such as including, for example, input areas on what sort of therapies are being utilized. In order to fulfill this requirement for versatile information event, CDC concurred that we required to get rid of NHSN from the collection procedure, in order to enhance coverage.

This simplifying will certainly permit the NHSN to boost its concentrate on an additional crucial location for COVID-19, the assisted living home and also long-lasting treatment center reporting requirements– which, as we understand, is likewise a definitely main component of our pandemic reaction. All aspects of our public health and wellness system are being extended today, and also simplifying the medical facility coverage system enables NHSN to focus its COVID-19 task on the critical location of shielding the prone in taking care of houses.

To achieve this, we have actually not altered the information community; we have just structured the information collection device for health centers on the frontlines.

On the backside, whether accumulated by the CDC’s system, the 3rd party supplier, or the states, the information winds up accumulated in the HHS Shield system, where the CDC group and also various other government reaction groups still have accessibility to this details for their usage in the reaction. Furthermore, state and also regional public health and wellness divisions likewise have accessibility to this details in HHS Shield which enables them to gain access to and also utilize the exact same details that the government reaction groups are utilizing.

Nobody is taking gain access to or information far from CDC.

I wish to stress that having the fastest feasible accessibility to this information, in addition to simple means to assess it, has extremely genuine advantages to our public health and wellness reaction. When we require to accumulate understandings concerning arising signs, for example, which we are frequently finding out more concerning, we can do that extremely swiftly with TeleTracking.

This has no result on CDC’s capability to utilize this information and also proceed creating the everyday information, the MMWRs, and also the advice we release. The brand-new framework we have currently in fact offers our CDC group with less complicated accessibility to a much wider range of information collections than they would certainly have without it.

Around 1,000 CDC specialists have, and also remain to have accessibility to the raw information accumulated in HHS Shield– along with countless various other public health and wellness specialists throughout HHS.

Our specialists at the CDC are vital to our reaction, which is why they have actually constantly had and also remain to have accessibility to every one of the information we are accumulating. That gain access to coincides today as it was the other day.

Every One Of you have actually heard me claim repetitively– consisting of prior to Congress– we require to substantially boost public health and wellness information and also instance coverage in America. Every person at CDC at and also every participant of our group at HHS recognizes that information is the gas of any kind of efficient public health and wellness reaction. The requirement to improve these systems was among the essential objectives I determined as quickly as I reached CDC. HHS Protect was a method to offer real-time information throughout this situation. In the long-term, we will certainly be dealing with every one of our companions throughout HHS, in addition to health centers and also states, to figure out exactly how we can develop a system that offers this ability for the long-term.

I eagerly anticipate supplying updates to every one of you on that particular in the future.

[Jose Arrieta]

I wish to start by defining for you the function of HHS Protect, the system to which we are currently asking that health centers straight report their COVID-19 information. Among my essential functions at HHS is assisting every one of our crucial public health and wellness organizations share and also utilize the enormous information possessions we have– that consists of information accumulated not simply by CDC, yet CMS, HRSA, and also others. We produced HHS Shield as component of that job, and also Teletracking is a collection part of the HHS Shield community. All 50 states and also 6 regions have accessibility to Shield information right now.

Throughout the pandemic, it ended up being clear that we required a main means to make this information noticeable to initial -responders at government, state, and also regional degrees and also we required to accumulate this information as rapid as feasible. That’s why we produced HHS Shield, a protected collection of capacities powered by 8 business modern technologies for sharing, parsing, real estate, and also accessing COVID-19 information, based upon the 225 datasets and also reporting opportunities we had. The system was created based upon 4 concepts: openness, sharing, personal privacy, and also safety.

Prior To HHS Protect, CDC NHSN got information frequently from 3,000 health centers connected to COVID19 There are about 6,200 health centers in the United States. With Teletracking, HHS had the ability to begin accumulating added information from 1,100 health centers. HHS Protect gathers information straight from 20 states and also about 2,000 health centers for COVID information. The added capacities given by Protect and also TeleTracking gave enhanced presence swiftly.

The objective of HHS Protect was to offer discretion, stability, and also schedule of information while making sure safety, openness, information sharing, and also personal privacy to as numerous initial -responders as feasible. Presence right into what’s occurring at a postal code degree throughout the USA assists us react and also designate sources in genuine time. The HHS Shield system allows simple gain access to for every one of our public health and wellness specialists and also leaders throughout HHS, in addition to our various other companions past HHS, consisting of states and also tribal companions. We are functioning with Congress to provide all chosen authorities accessibility to the information.

HHS Shield gathers information from government, state, and also business resources. Each of these resources has a duty to play, incorporating to develop greater than 4 billion information aspects. There is no control of this information feasible within the system. Allow me clarify this in even more information.

You heard me state safety, which I wish to stress we take extremely seriously.

Gain access to is just given to licensed federal/military workers and also service providers, that are given gain access to as required by objective requirement. We license every customer and also validate to make sure just objective important task is taking place within HHS Protect. All information in HHS Protect is de-identified, implying that there is no directly recognizable details connected. HHS has actually made the safety and also security of the information entailed a leading concern. Least-privilege and also National Institute of Criteria and also Modern Technology (NIST) cybersecurity structures have actually been put on sustain schedule, stability, and also discretion. These are in fact greater criteria than are put on shielding health care information in numerous various other components of the American health care system. Controls and also systems are checked for susceptabilities, which are reduced rapidly, and also systems remain in location to stop exfiltration of information.

CDC has full control of that access their information and also what individuals at CDC log right into HHS Protect. Presently, we have 1,200 individuals and also about 950 state CDC companions and also CDC companions.

You likewise heard me state openness: We identify that specialists developing and also utilizing these information collections need to know their resources and also the family tree of the information collections and also exactly how they’re being utilized. We do that with HHS Protect, and also we likewise provide the real proprietors of information collections– CDC for NHSN, for example– control over that within HHS Protect has accessibility to those information collections.

As you listened to Supervisor Redfield reference, this system is being utilized simply for COVID-19 information. It was an extremely fast reaction, produced by gamers throughout HHS and also the federal government, to offer the capacities we require. HHS Protect would certainly not be feasible without assistance from CDC.

Every leader at HHS shares Supervisor Redfield and also CDC’s need for developing a much solid public health and wellness information system to respond to various other health and wellness risks in the long-term, and also we eagerly anticipate dealing with companions throughout the federal government and also HHS to do that in the future.


CDC jobs 24/ 7 shielding America’s security, safety and also health and wellness. Whether condition begin in the house or abroad, are avoidable or treatable, persistent or severe, or from human task or purposeful strike, CDC reacts to America’s many pushing health and wellness risks. CDC is headquartered in Atlanta and also has specialists situated throughout the USA and also the globe.


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