Flowerman (2014)

Sarah Jefferson (Ormston) is gladly wed to Andrew. They have 2 youngsters: Katrina (11) and also Michael (9 ). Sarah is being tracked – yet does not recognize it. Her stalker Nigel (Savin) is a smart and also scary loner. He has a command of both electronic devices and also forensics and also a pathological requirement to regulate. Sarah functions as a flower shop. Nigel acquires blossoms daily, just to damage them, exposing his real psychopathy. Utilizing his abilities to implementation his criminal activities, Nigel’s control of every little thing prolongs much past Sarah to include her family members and also the authorities. Nigel strategies and also focus to information leaves little question in individuals’s minds that Sarah and also Andrew’s connection remained in problem. Engaging is Nigel’s adjustments that also Sarah and also Andrew question each various other and also Andrew is pressed to the side. This consequently leaves him prone to exploitation.

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