Geetha Govindam (2018)

A captivating young teacher, Vijay Govind, has an imagine weding a typical female. He sees Geetha in a holy place as well as falls for her. When he takes a trip to his home town in a bus, he satisfies her once again. When he inadvertently kisses her while attempting to take a selfie with her, he thrills her at initial with his nature yet points go southern. She whines to her sibling, Phaneendra, on phone as well as Govind lacks bus. When his sis obtains involved to Phaneendra, they satisfy once again. Govind demands Geetha not to expose regarding him while Phaneendra maintains looking for the individual that kissed her on the bus. The misconception in between the pair expands as they take a trip with each other for marital relationship buying as well as invites. As Geetha discovers his real nature as well as succumbs to him, he begins to prevent her as she does not treat him well. Prior to Govind recognizes his error, Geetha’s marital relationship is taken care of with another person as well as he needs to win her back prior to they obtain divided for life.

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