Tags: Horror

The Haunting of Julia (1977)

After her little little girl’s unexpected unintended fatality, affluent American Julia Lofting screws her dissatisfied marital relationship in London as well as purchases a residence in Kensington that is haunted by the ghost of an obscenely unpleasant little woman that passed away in the 1950 strategies as well as s […]

Points Heard & Seen (2021)

A Manhattan musician moves her young household to a historical district in the Hudson Valley. As she works out right into a brand-new life, she starts to believe that her marital relationship has a threatening darkness, one that equals her brand-new house’s background. Based upon the well-known book by Elizabeth […]

A Satanic force Within (2017)

A teen lady as well as her mama assume Crestwick will certainly be a terrific location for them to have a clean slate yet bit do they recognize, your home they are relocating right into has actually been tormented by a bad satanic force called Nefas going back right into […]

Gamera: Guardian of deep space (1995)

The gigantic flying turtle is back for this 1995 Japanese function where once more Gamera’s intents are misunderstood by the armed force. All Gamera wishes to do is handle his old adversary, Gyaos, the gigantic primitive bird that has embedded atop Tokyo Tower.

The Sanctuary (2015)

On a celebrity loaded evening, widower and also homeless guy Thomas (Michael Pare) discovers sanctuary for the evening when he drops upon a huge 2 tale home with the lights on and also a welcoming open front door. Sadly the following early morning he learns promptly that the properties will […]

Red Woods (2021)

A team of urbex lovers take a trip to the backwoods of Appalachia to catch video of deserted residences, when they unknowingly end up being the topics of a much darker video clip – made by a various sort of “lover”.

Dead Again (2021)

In country town where criminal activity is non current, a cops sergeant is retiring out of dullness. He is sent out a young hire fresh out of authorities college. On the sergeant’s last day and also the brand-new employees very first day all heck will break out in this apocalyptic […]

Bigfoot vs the Illuminati (2020)

Planet year 4044: progressed AI robotics have actually drained pipes the Planet of its natural deposits, leaving the earth a barren covering. A rebel human partnership adrift precede without any earth to call house, contacts the notorious monster-slayer Van Helsing and also his co-pilot Bigfoot to do fight with mankind’s […]

Course of Nuke ‘Em High (1986)

When Warren and also Chrissy see some odd points taking place around their senior high school, they start to believe that something is taking place at the nuclear plant following door. The plant authorities reject that there are any kind of troubles, Crissy provides birth to a savage mutant that […]

Thirteen Ladies (1932)

Thirteen females that were classmates send out to a swami for their horoscopes. Bit do they understand that Ursula, a half-breed Eastern, is utilizing her hypnotic powers over the swami and also them to lead them or their family members to their fatalities. It appears that she also mosted likely […]