The Painter and also the Burglar (2020)

Young Czech musician Barbora Kysilkova moves from Berlin to Oslo to introduce her job as a painter. In April of 2015, her 2 most useful, large-format paints are swiped – with treatment – in wide daytime from the windowfronts of Galleri Nobel in Oslo’s city. Hopeless for solutions regarding the burglary of her paints, Barbora exists with an uncommon possibility to connect to among the males associated with the break-in – Norwegian job wrongdoer, Karl-‘ Bertil’ Nordland. Filmmaker Benjamin Ree starts to record the tale after Barbora amazingly welcomes her burglar to rest for a picture, recording the not likely partnership that occurs as the just as harmed duo discover commonalities and also create an indivisible bond with their common fondness for art.

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