Velour Found Diamond (1998)

London, 1971 – Blossom Power gets on the subside as well as going to pieces hippie troubadour Brian Slade really feels antique as well as out of action till he experiences the raw power of rock artist as well as pervert Curt Wild at an online show. Smitten as well as motivated, Slade increases from the ashes of picky brocade, reincarnating as the uncertain pop-rock God/dess of platinum dirt as well as phoenix az plumes, Maxwell Satanic force. His appealing androgynous images as well as the sexy appears his ‘shine rock’ attract young adults throughout the globe, providing sanctuary for the undesirable as well as unusual with the assurance of an everything-goes indulgence. At the elevation of his popularity as well as social impact, he stories his spectacular death to run away, estranging his followers as well as coming under obscurity. On the 10 th wedding anniversary of the personality murder, reporter Arthur Stuart examines Slade’s loss, compeling him to review his very own complicated adolescent id as well as regeneration matching that of his idolizer Brian Slade.

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