We Are the very best! (2013)

In very early-80 s’ Stockholm, Bobo, an average thirteen-year-old schoolgirl that deals with her separated mommy, takes ideas from bands like KSMB and also Ebba Grön, contradicting what others state concerning Punk being dead. Sharing the very same preference in songs with her schoolmate, Klara, and also with the assistance of the withdrawn yet skilled eighth-grader, Hedvig, the women determine to place an affiliate, obtaining their hands on music tools for the extremely very first time. Remarkably, what began as a joke, will certainly quickly come to be a fact– and also with a track currently in their hands– this aiming Punk band sustained by vibrant disobedience, will certainly intend for the celebrities without any kind of worry concerning what others state, merely due to the fact that THEY ARE THE BEST.

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